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HP Pumps – Client Achieves € 322 129 Net Saving

EDS_HP Pumps

EnergyDrive Systems is saving over 17 GWh a year in electricity after installing a ZeroCapex Solution on a client’s High-Pressure Pumps.

The 5 HP pumps supply water for roll cooling in the hot strip mill line as well as a supply to the sweep sprays. Originally, automatically actuated valves remained closed until hot steel strips passed through the mills at which time they would fully open. In the closed position, bypass valves opened to allow the excess water flow back to the sumps.

EnergyDrive’s solution incorporated the installation of five 1.5 MVA drives at 3.3 kV and closing the bypass valves. The EnergyDrive System now changes the line pressure by controlling the speed of the 5 pumps through the drive, using the same signal originally used to monitor the HP pressure. The system pressure is constantly maintained and wastage from the bypass lines has been eliminated.

Annual power reduction since inception was 51.11%, which translated to a Net Financial Saving of € 322 129 in direct energy costs to the client and 65 110 tonnes of CO2 savings.

EDS_High-Pressure Pumps

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