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April saw Energy Drive host their first ever ‘First Thursday’ Transformation Story session, putting the spotlight on the exceptionally inspiring Mondli Myeza and his story.

Energy Drive CEO, James Hynd, opened the session by welcoming the team and special guest of the day: “A special welcome to Mondli, thank you for being part of our lives and for giving us the opportunity to do good. It is this hard working team that facilitates this good, and we want to communicate to you all how your hard work makes a difference.”

Mondli grew up in uMlazi Township. His father worked and lived in Ulundi (300 km away from home) and visited his family one weekend every month. The absence of his father paired with the general absence of strong male role models in his community contributed to Mondli and other boys idolising criminals. Mondli and his friends eventually got involved in crime. Finding himself on the wrong side of the law during a particular incident, Mondli’s life was miraculously spared. This incident was the beginning of a chain of events that eventually led him to surrendering his life to God.

Mondli’s life was transformed. He ended up attending a bible college for three years, and at the end of his biblical studies, became a pastor and the Managing Director for a non-profit organisation. While heading up this organisation, Mondli pioneered a new focus on education, with the strong conviction that education will bring transformation to impoverished communities. “I was sent on some courses and eventually became a consultant in the BBBEE space. My goal was to get funding for impoverished communities to help with education, skills development, and enterprise development – something I’ve been doing for ten years now.” Connecting people to opportunity is what drives Mondli, and Energy Drive are honoured to partner with him in this area. “Energy Drive have been very generous in helping four young men from the KwaDabeka community obtain the equipment they needed to move forward with their businesses.”

In closing, Mondli outlined each young entrepreneurs business, and how Energy Drive has helped them make their businesses a reality. One young man started his own media solutions company, Nondaba Creative, and was able to secure his own office space for himself and his employees. Another discovered a need for streaming services as a result of the pandemic, and so started a sound and lighting business to assist companies with streaming capabilities. The final two are in IT, the one having founded his own IT consultancy and the other developing and app to assist in the agricultural sector.

Mondli’s story is utterly inspirational in its transparency, and the Energy Drive team look forward to sharing more of these incredible stories from their ‘First Thursday’ Transformation Story events in the months to come.

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