Statement of Compliance

Energy Drive Systems Statement of Compliance in terms of the Occupational Health and Safety Act
(OHS Act No.85 of 1993 And Regulations)

ENERGYDRIVE SYSTEMS prioritise the Health, Safety and Welfare of all site employees /sub-contractors and visitors. Our H&S regime is rigorous, and compliance is mandatory and strictly monitored. Our H&S systems aim to foster a culture of H&S awareness and to promote safe working practices. It is mandatory for all our Suppliers to comply with our Health and Safety practices. Please ensure you view our Induction video should you be conducting any works on Energy Drive equipment.

In satisfaction of the OHS Act and Regulations, the following applies to all ENERGY DRIVE SYSTEMS sites:


  • A Safety Officer is appointed and tasked with compiling site-specific safety file and ensuring the system is implemented. The file is maintained and updated throughout the works and made available to Clients and Subcontractors.
  • Relevant emergency procedures are put in place and details of nearest hospitals, first aider, emergency assembly points etc. are published and made available to project stakeholders.
  • Energy Drive site management ensure that all operatives are fully aware of project risks and that appropriate measures are taken to reduce or eliminate the identified risks in a form of Safe Work Procedures and Hazard Identification and Risk Assessments (HIRA’s)
  • Our Safety Officer maintains an up to date Training Matrix to ensure that Energy Drive operatives on all sites are suitably qualified. Training includes
    • Legal liability training for both site manager and assistant site manager
    • First Aid representation on every site
    • Basic Firefighting training
    • Site Induction
    • Electrical Tool training
  • The e-Cabins are made secure to prevent un-authorised access


  • Our Safety Officer ensures that all new site operatives are inducted onto our sites before they start work.
  • Site H&S hazards are communicated to all operatives by way of Toolbox Talks and H&S signage. All Energy Drive employees are required to undertake relevant Toolbox Talks to create an awareness of relevant site hazards and to educate/ instruct site staff and sub-contractors on what steps should be taken to eliminate OR control specific hazards.
  • Site Managers are required to report back to the Safety Officer, any H&S near misses, incidents, planned job observations or other safety related matters.


  • H&S is monitored at every site visit.
  • Planned H&S Audits are undertaken at appropriate intervals, and deviations are recorded into an action plan to followed up, rectified and closed.
  • Monitoring of safety related matters is the responsibility ofthe Safety Officer who reports weekly to management.

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