As a people-centred business, Energy Drive is leading transformation, setting an example of how it can be implemented to positively impact the ecosystem it operates in. As a business built upon a foundation of long-term partnerships, we understand that to be sustainable we need to lead transformation by creating sustainable growth opportunities for those who did not have the same chances when starting out, so that they are empowered to further their growth into the future.

Each member of the Energy Drive team is committed to helping the organisation perform optimally through transformation. This means that the company employs, and therefore benefits, from the talents of multiple demographics. Facilitated via innovative programmes that expose young entrepreneurs to niche energy markets, these young men and women are empowered to enterprise within those areas and potentially partner with Energy Drive as a result. It’s these programmes that are intrinsic to Energy Drive’s existence and success.

Our commitment to transformation is born out of a desire to make a difference – to see a genuinely inclusive working environment. We want to go beyond compliance to avoid hitting a ceiling once the ‘boxes have been ticked’. Instead, we will continue to come up with innovative ways to lead transformation. As a business actualising sustainability for our clients, we use this good business to drive social transformation and inclusive participation in our economy’s various sectors.

This is not an intervention; we’re building on the momentum we have gained by creating an impactful approach to transformation that takes the unique perspectives of every individual within our ecosystem into consideration. Because by building on like-minded, committed perspectives, it’s people who make transformation work, not the organisation that tries to make it look like they do.

“I want to be able to talk comfortably with every person I employ about their views on transformation. To really get to know them and how they align with our values, to uncover how they live and operate as opposed to what they say. We work in an empowered environment with an evolving demographic mix which we hope might influence our broader ecosystem.” – James Hynd, Chief Executive Officer


The substance of our business model is partnership. We partner and collaborate with various communities and young entrepreneurs committing to a long-term journey of development, just as we form enduring partnerships with our clients in the pursuit of actualising sustainability through energy efficiency.

Organisations we support

Skills development

We are passionate about the next generation and work to improve the lives of those less fortunate. Within our skills development initiative, we hope to empower young people to fulfil their true potential. We have many initiatives to fulfil this mandate, including school-based programmes, bursaries as well as learnerships. We have set up multiple learnerships through the Wildflower Foundation.

African Women in Energy and Power (AWEaP) is a non-profit company established to accelerate African women entrepreneurs’ participation in

 the Power and Energy sector. Energy Drive are proud to partner and collaborate with this inspiring organisation to help drive transformation in our currently male-dominated sector.

Social upliftment

We believe that we have a responsibility towards the development and social upliftment of our communities while making a sustainable difference. The focus on socio-economic development is an integral part of our company culture, and we are committed to making a difference to the lives of individuals, families and society at large. In this regard we are working with:

Domino Foundation | Energy DriveThe Domino Foundation is a registered NPO and PBO with a desire to see individuals and communities within South Africa living in dignity, justice, hope and purpose. Through eight focused community transformation initiatives, Domino directly impacts the lives of thousands of individuals daily across KwaZulu-Natal.