At Energy Drive, we direct our Corporate Social Responsibility efforts in support of:

Social upliftment

We believe that we have a responsibility towards the development and social upliftment of our communities while making a sustainable difference. The focus on socio-economic development is an integral part of our company culture, and we are committed to making a difference to the lives of individuals, families and society at large. In this regard we are working with:

Domino Foundation | Energy Drive

The Domino Foundation

Kwacare | Energy Drive


Ikhethelo Childrens Village | Energy Drive

The Ikhethelo Children’s Village

As part of our commitment, we actively help meet the infrastructure and educational needs of these initiatives.

We are passionate about the next generation and work to improve the lives of those less fortunate. Within our skills development initiative, we hope to empower young people to fulfil their true potential. We have many initiatives to fulfil this mandate, including school-based programmes, bursaries as well as learnerships. We have set up multiple learnerships through the Wildflower Foundation.

Wildflower Projects